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Sandwich Harbour 4x4 Experience Fleet

Mola Mola originally started Sandwich Harbour 4×4 Experiences  well over a decade ago.

Since then it has become known as a ‘must see’, often mentioned as a Namibian and all-time highlight, by all demographics of our guests.

To compliment this unique excursion, which we describe as a ‘mini expedition’ to ‘another planet’ , we use  Land Rover Defenders and Toyota Fortuners.

All our vehicles are specialized, and add technical and aesthetic  value to your experience, and are maintained to the highest standard.

Land Rover Defender – We currently have five Defenders, all are the last generation (2012-2016) of this iconic 4×4.

These expedition ready machines are not only synonymous with adventure and the spirit of exploration, but are also perfectly suited. They have six guest seats as factory standard, with own door and opening windows all the way to the back.

Toyota Fortuners – Toyota has massive brand presence in Namibia, and known for rugged reliability and ability.

In the beginning of 2018 we added four brand new Fortuners, 2.8 l diesel models with seven seats and manual gearbox set-up. Full leather seats and our detail signature deep red colour detail, seamlessly integrates them into our fleet.

Experienced, focused and cool – some of the many words that would explain the most important part of your journey – our team!

Every individual at Mola Mola is valued as a host and experience ambassador. We are proud to know that you will have a true Mola Mola ‘epic in a day’ with any one from our team. Every driver has training, experience and the collective team behind them, and so do you.

*Consider a Land Rover or Toyota specific driving experience, and book a private 4×4.