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Mola Mola Safaris is based in Walvis Bay on Namibia’s spectacular desert coast. We specialize in giving our guests an unforgettable experience and unique view of the abundant marine and desert life of our rich Atlantic waters and breathtaking Namib Sand Dunes. For over two decades Mola Mola has taken thousands of guests up close and personal with not only seals, dolphins, pelicans and whales, but also shared with them the friendly hospitality Namibia is known for. Whether it is a morning on the water with adventure, drinks food and the best Walvis Bay oysters, or perhaps a full Marine Dune day where you will visit the spectacular Sandwich Harbour and drive through the massive sand dunes, Mola Mola is a part of your Namibian adventure not to be missed


The ‘classic’ dolphin cruise, accompanied by dolphins, seals, pelicans, whales, fresh oysters, sparkling wine and much more!. Once you reach the beautiful Skeleton coast of Namibia, you must experience the amazing riches of our Atlantic ocean, and also enjoy the friendly and fun cruise. You will see an abundance of


Experience the splendour of Sandwich Harbour – it’s awe inspiring. Perhaps the most emotional moments of your whole adventure in Namibia, will be driving between the crashing ocean and ancient sand dunes of the Namib, or perhaps when you get to the top of them, with an endless view of


The Marine Cruise followed by a 4×4 dune excursion to Sandwich Harbour – combining the best of both worlds. After the Marine Cruise you disembark onto the Waterfront Jetty. Boarding 4×4 vehicles, the dune adventure to Sandwich Harbour begins. Lunch is served on the boat and snacks in the dunes.

Marine & Desert Life

Most people visit Namibia for the adventure, freedom and open spaces our country and Continent are known for. Mola Mola certainly delivers on all of these fronts (and don’t forget our famous Namibian Hospitality). While planning for your boat cruise or dune adventure, also know that even though we are


Mola Mola A 32-seater catamaran and her maiden voyage, from Cape Town to Walvis Bay in August 2010, was skippered by, amongst others, the owner & his son. Olin A 20-seater speedboat catamaran, with a walk around cabin and viewing deck, while combining the stability of a catamaran hull and

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